Monday, July 16, 2018
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2009 Mega Concludes

Thanks to all who attended the MEGA Barrel Race 2009!  We had a great turnout!  Who says that our economy is in a deep recession?  We paid out on a total of 659 entries!  The results will be posted soon, we are just waiting for a copy of that file from our  timer, Mr. Billy Webb of Florence, Miss.  Thanks to Mr. Webb for such quick results each and every year.  The weather was somewhat of a challenge this year, as we had some pretty heavy thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday, but WOW, what a beautiful day Saturday became.  We could not have dialed in a moregorgeous day.  Nice and breezy, with a high in the low 80's!  In August! In Jackson, Miss.! Unbelievable!!

Congratulations to First Time MEGA winner, Darlene Moran of Sandy Hook, Miss. on her Finals win and 1st place payout of $8000.00  She and her beautiful palamino, Briscoscangetit, topped the field with a great run and time of 13.863.  And don't ever count the old guy out, as Nate Shilabar, aka. Hotshot, and his rider Tyrney Steinhoff were gracious in their runner-up and Reserve Champion win! 

Last year's winner, Emily Efurd of Pittsburg, Texas, again hit MEGA paydirt, as she won the 2D Championship aboard Leos Texas Candy and the big check of $6000.00. The MEGA in Jackson makes for a pretty good payday for Emily, as her 2 checks in the last two years have totaled $14,000.00!!  The 2D Reserve Champion is  Miss Ray Ann Fuller of Poplar Grove, Arkansas, on her good horse ,Rudy Rodgers. Jackson has been good to Ray Ann as she has several MEGA paydays as well as All-American Youth and Youth World checks in her bank. 

Taylor Gatwood, of Hattiesburg, Miss.,  overcame several obstacles as she was crowned the MEGA 3D Champion, riding her nice horse Doctor Beetle Frost. Thank you Taylor for your patience in helping the office get your name correct, finally!   Our 3D Reserve champion is Ms. Dani Anderson of Oak Grove, La. Consistency for Dani and her horse Bar C Flame was on tap for the weekend, as she also tied for reserve champ in the 3D in the first go, garnering her a nice check in the round as well as the finals.

A barrel down in go round number two didn't slow down our 4D Champion too much, as Brandy Hamilton, of Saint Cloud, Fl. rounded the pattern with a time of 15.381 and the Finals 4D win.  Brandy and her mount, Six Pac, also showed consistency as she drew a check in round one as well.  Both the Champion and Reserve Champion of the 4D had pretty long drives to get to Jackson, as our second place winner, Macie Davidson, hails from Salem ,Ohio. Her finals check of $1227.00, and go round check of $618.00 shows that her nice horse, Dusty's Easter Star can definitely pay his way!

Carlee Goode, of Pelahatchie, Miss. stayed closed to home, but hauled down over $3400.00 on her horse, BP Baby Girl.  She rounded the cloverleaf on Saturday night with a solid 15.866 to win the saddle and our 5D Championship. Another Mississippian, Erin Peterson, of Poplarville won the reserve championship of the 5D aboard her horse, Mr. Money Feature.

Again, Thanks to all who support the MEGA every year, we hope to see you down the road.